John Lusky

Developer / Designer


John Lusky

Raised in the small town of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, I began experimenting with web design and web development when I was 13. I attended Philadelphia University in 2008, and I graduated as the top student in my major with a B.S. in Interactive Design and Media in 2012. I started working at 1 Trick Pony – an ad agency based out of Hammonton, New Jersey – a few days after graduation.

My current job is a full-time development gig (probably 90% front-end). I prefer to write code with Atom, I like Gulp for compiling, and I use Tower (Git) for collaboration.

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I play video games to relax when I have free time. I experimented with game development in college and made a basic FPS with the Unity engine for my senior project. I'm cursed with lactose intolerance despite my love for mozzarella sticks and pizza. I quote The Office a lot (I can't help this). I try not to be too cynical.

If you’d like a more comprehensive rundown of my skills and work experience, you can download my resume.


Unfortunately, contractual restrictions prohibit me from showing some of my most recent and relevant work publicly. Here's a list of some notable clients I have experience working with. If you'd like to see my work, please contact me directly.

Current Experimental Project

I like to keep busy outside of work with fun side projects that I can use to cherry pick new skills I want to learn. Here's what I'm working on right now.

Web App - Streamboy

A friend of mine tried his hand at streaming a while back and I noticed he was playing games with his viewers on stream. They were simple games but they took some complicated and tiresome work inside of OBS to function. I decided to recreate his games ("Where's that Toadboy?" and "Toadboy Quizzo!") as a web app that he could more easily use instead. I kept adding features and games until it became what it is now.

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OBS is a free open source application that most Twitch and Youtube streamers use to do their thing. My web app is intended to function as a window capture outside of OBS. The user overlays the window capture over their streaming scene and matches chroma key colors between apps for a transparent background. Then they can activate games, tools, effects, and audio from Streamboy's control panel to enhance their streams.

The app utilizes a combination of CSS3 and jQuery for animation along with HTML5 audio for music and sounds. Javascript powers the control panel, games, and other tools. There's a scoreboard for fighting games, a giveaway screen to display game box art, and a screen that pulls Youtube embeds into the viewport — intending to eliminate the need to line up window captures every time the user wants to display a Youtube video on their stream.

I named the app Streamboy and added convenience features like hotkeys to make it easier to use. I intend to write documentation and open the app up to allow anyone to use, but that's a work in progress. Shout-out to Luke VanTrieste for the original games, QA help, and some creative direction.

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