HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Graphics, 3D & Effects, and Semantics

My abilities include:


I have extensive knowledge of several web development languages including:

+ CSS3
+ ActionScript 3.0
+ JavaScript
+ jQuery

I have experience with design software for many different kinds of media.

+ Photoshop
+ Flash
+ After Effects
+ Final Cut Pro
+ Unity

StructureUnity 3D Project
Date of completion: 2012
Concept: Structure is a first person shooter game playable on Mac and PC. In the game, you battle against waves of evil Orcs as you defend the structure of your choice. Working prototype available by request only.
Technology: Unity 3D Game Engine, Adobe Photoshop, Javascript

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XBACK BracingE-Commerce Solution
Date of completion: 2011
Concept: XBACK Bracing distributes their innovative bracing solutions to companies all over the country. They asked me to design and develop an e-commerce solution so they could begin to sell their braces directly to consumers.
Technology: Opencart Framework, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP

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Nuclear FootballFlash Application
Date of completion: 2011
Concept: Nuclear Football is a game in which you put yourself in the shoes of the President of the United States in the midst of an international crisis. Every decision made in the game counts towards survival or annihilation.
Technology: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, ActionScript 3.0

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PhilaU TodayWordpress Theme
Date of completion: 2011
Concept: I worked for Philadelphia University during the summer of 2011 and some of my senior year. I created a Wordpress Theme for their Univeristy news website and more recently, I designed their upcoming Blackboard Mobile App.
Technology: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP

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